2006-2007 Concert Series
Tenth Anniversary Season

DC Taylor Co presents:

Mentored by Mozart

Saturday, October 21, 2006 (8 p.m.)

Westminster Presbyterian Church
1285 Third Ave SE, Cedar Rapids

Theresa Bogard (fortepiano)
Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall (guitar)
Loretta O'Sullivan (cello)
Timothy Shiu (violin)

Back by demand! Charming nineteenth-century parlor music by Mozart's favorite student, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, is presented on historical instruments from the period. Fortepianist Theresa Bogard will again load her precious 7-foot 1797 piano replica in the back of her Dodge van and drive it across the country to join Jan, John, Loretta O'Sullivan and Timothy Shiu.

Audience Comments

Mentored by Mozart concerts October, 2006

“You destroyed all my notions that chamber music is all ‘fiddle screech and piano tinkle.’ Your selections were tuneful and melodic. The musicians obviously enjoyed it and I did too!” A.S.

“A superb concert on Saturday night! You really excel at getting great musicians to join you, and you find such unusual and beautiful music to present. Thanks for another unforgettable concert!” T.L.

“That was an exceptional performance on Saturday night. Everyone in our party agreed that it was one of the most amazing performances we've ever heard. Spectacular!” A.B.

“This is only my second concert of this type. The artists played with such emotion, feeling and grace. What a delight!”

Mentored by Mozart

Music by
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837).

Grande Serenade & Potpourri Op. 63, No. 1
for fortepiano, guitar, violin, flute & cello

Trio Op. 78 for flute, cello & fortepiano
Introduction (Cantabile)
Theme & Variations on a Russian Folk Song, Schone Minka

Potpourri Op. 53 for guitar & fortepiano
Un poco larghetto
Andante grazioso
Allegro anime
Adagio cantabile
Tempo di Valze

Grande Serenade & potpourri Op. 66, No. 2
for fortepiano, guitar, violin, flute & cello

Fortepiano: Copy of a Dulcken fortepiano from 1796 built by Paul Poletti in 1992.
Flute: 11-keyed wooden flute by Ziegler (Vienna, 1830)
Guitars: Anonymous French-style c. 1830.
Serafino Casini Italian guitar c. 1887. Gut-strung
Cello:by Peter Wamsley (England, c.1735).
The bow is a copy of an 18c Dodd bow.
Violin: by Joseph Gagliano (Naples, 1751).

George J. Naxera Jr. presents:
JanBoland,  John Dowdall,  Loretta OSullivan,  Nancy Miller, Michael Kimber

More Ries's Pieces, please

Saturday, February 24, 2007 (8 p.m.)

First Presbyterian Church
310 5th Street S.E., Cedar Rapids

Jan Boland, flute
John Dowdall, guitar
Michael Kimber, viola
Nancy Wilson, violin
Loretta O'Sullivan, cello
Brett Heim, guitar

Step back in time to experience a true nineteenth-century parlor concert. Where musicians gather to enjoy true camaraderie and to participate in intimate chamber music – and you, the listener, are an essential part of the picture. Features violinist Nancy Wilson, violist Michael Kimber, cellist Loretta O'Sullivan, guitarists John Dowdall & Bret Heim, and flutist Jan Boland, all performing on period instruments.

Tickets are $15 / $8 students at the door. Or $12/$8 in advance. Call 319/377-8061.

Loretta O'Sullivan's appearance is sponsored by Margaret Haupt. Nancy Wilson is sponsored by Thea Leslie, in memory of Roger Leslie. Michael Kimber is sponsored by the Iowa Arts Council.


Audience Comments

More Ries's Pieces, Please concert. February, 2007

Beautiful music! Interesting presentation! Enjoyed the humor. Informative while being fun” E.T.

“The quartet was wonderful. Close your eyes and you could ‘hear’ almost any instrument from French horn to piano. Excellent. Thanks!” J.R.

“The best stress buster ever.” B.T.

“We had a great time in Springville. It was especially nice to sit in a circle and be able to see the musical score while it was being played.” N.S.

“The Horetzky piece really had me tappin’. It was energizing. “ N.H.

“Whenever I hear Red Cedar Music Concert is coming, I put it on my calendar.” T.P.

More Ries’s Pieces, please

Quartet in A Major Op. 145 No. 3
Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838)
Scherzo, Vivace

Grand Duo Op. 26 Albert Gottlieb Methfessel
for two guitars (1785-1869)
Andante grazioso
Tempo di Menuetto


Polonaise Nationale Felix Horetzky
for two guitars (1796-1870)
Polonaise & Trio

Quartet in E minor, Op. 145 No. 2
Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838)
Allegro Moderato
Menuetto molto moderato
Rondo, Allegro moderato

Flute: 11-keyed wooden flute by Ziegler (Vienna, 1830)
Guitars: Anonymous French-style c. 1830.
19th-c. by C. F. Martin. Both guitars are gut-strung.
Cello: by Peter Wamsley (England, c.1735). The bow is a copy of an 18c Dodd bow.
Violin: by Vincenzo Rugeri, 1730, Cremona. The bow is a copy of Louis Tourte by Louis Begin, Montreal
Viola: by J. B. Guadagnini. The bow is a copy of an early 19th-century Dodd bow.

GreatAmerica Leasing presents:
David Miller, John Dowdall, Jan Dockendorff Boland
From Chocen with Love

Saturday, June 2, 2007 (7 p.m.)

The National Czech & Slovak Museum
30 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

The Red Cedar Trio performs
Jan Boland, flute
John Dowdall, guitar
David Miller, viola

Red Cedar's Birthday Party concert features the music of Czech composer Wenceslaus Matiegka (this music was also played on our very first concert at the Czech Museum). The Red Cedar Trio brings the full expression of period instruments to life in music by Molino, Molitor and Matiegka (born in Chocen, The Czech Republic).

Take note! Our concert begins at 7 p.m. so that you can be our guest at Red Cedar Chamber Music's Gala Tenth Birthday Party from 9-11 p.m. Special prizes wonderful food and beverages, a few sentimental remarks, birthday cake and party not to be missed.

Tickets are $15 / $8 students at the door. Or $12/$8 in advance. Call 362-8500.

Audience Comments

From Chocen With Love concert. June, 2007

“Music is a multi-layered experience and Red Cedar helps you understand more of the layers. Setting the music and instruments brings you into the performance and the music. You leave having been part of it rather than just audience. How wonderful it is that you are Iowa-based. Thank you.” M. Z.

“I don’t know enough about music to be technically appreciative, but I enjoyed it very much. I expected a more “boring” sound vs. the fast-paced interactive blend that was produced.” D. M.

“Unbelievable! This trio is a fantastic gift to our community.” M. C.

“Saturday evening was magical - perfect setting, perfect audience, wonderful music and musicians - it was obvious that everyone truly had a wonderful time, and you had the audience with you all the way.” B.T.

We had such an enjoyable evening – listening to your fabulous performance and taking part in all the festivities. That fire dancer was spectacular! Congratulations again on your remarkable 10 years! Bravo!” C.S.

From Chocen, with Love

Trios Op. 19, No. 3 for flute, viola and guitar
Francesco Molino (1768-1847)
Allegro Maestoso
Romance – Andante
Rondo – Allegretto

Trio Concertant, Op. 6 for flute, viola and guitar
Simon Molitor (1766-1848)
Adagio – Allegro
Polonaise: Moderato

Nocturne, Op. 21 for flute, viola and guitar
Wenceslaus Matiegka (1784-1838)
Lento e Patetico
Tema con variazioni

Flute: 11-keyed wooden flute by Koch (Vienna, 1830)
Guitar: Gut-strung, 19th-century (1830)
Viola: Unsigned Tyrolian. Nineteenth century.

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