2009-2010 Concert Series

Andrew Earl Simpson, John Dowdall, Jan Boland, David Miller

September 27, 2009

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall (guitar)
David Miller (viola)

Music of Andrew Earle Simpson plus two new variations for the 5th anniversary of the Spillville Variations project. David Miller's appearance is sponsored by Victor and Janice Naxera. (Photo by Barb Gordon)

The Program

Fireflies – A Folk Set by Andrew Earle Simpson

Tesserae: Six Mosaics of Ancient Rome by Andrew Earle Simpson

Variations on a Theme by Dvorak

Theme set by Jan Boland
Waltz by Lyle Dockendorff
Reconfiguration by Jonathan Chenette
Side Trip to Postville by Tracey Rush
Untitled by Michael Gilbertson
Joyful Steady Groove by Joshua Reznicow
American Sketch by Andrew Earle Simpson

Avalon Quartet, Tony Devroye,  Jan Boland, John Dowdall
a Dvorak sighting

April 10, 2010

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan Boland, flute
John Dowdall, guitar
Tony Devroye, viola
The Avalon Quartet

In collaboration with the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library.

Celebrating Dvorak in Iowa with the old and the new! We have heard the beloved bit of Iowa history that tells us how the world-famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak came to Iowa to live and work for three months in the summer of 1893. The Avalon Quartet will play Dvorak’s American Quartet –written when he was in Iowa. So what’s new? Renowned composer, Harvey Sollberger, has recently retired to his Iowa roots and has focused the attention of his compositional genius on his native state. Sollberger took a 21st century look at Dvorak’s famous Quartet and composed an extended work for flute, viola and guitar. Titled Spillville, this trio is inspired by Dvorak’s quartet and features Avalon violist Tony Devroye performing with Jan Boland (flute) and John Dowdall (guitar).

Sponsors: The concert is sponsored by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. Artist sponsorship provided by Margaret Haupt. (Photo by Forrest Tomes)

The Program
a Dvorak Sighting

String Quartet No. 12 in F, Op. 96, "American" by Antonin Dvorak

Spillville (2006)_ Trio for flute, viola and guitar
by Harvey Sollberger (b. 1938)

1. Far From Home
Serenade 1: Dobrú Noc, Má Milá [Sleep, my Love] (viola & flute)
2. It is Very Strange Here . . .
Serenade II: Dudacka Polka & Czaldy Waldy (viola & guitar)
3. Dvorak and the Scarlet Tanager (his damn bird)
Serende III: Tece Voda, Tece [Flow Waters, Flow]
(flute & guitar)
4. Finale, Hasty Retreat

Humoresque by Antonin Dvorak (arr. Jan Boland)

Jan Boland, Doug Worthen, David Miller, Loretta O'Sullivan, John Dowdall

Kaspar the friendly

June 5, 2010

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids, IA


Jan Boland, flute
Douglas Worthen, flute
David Miller, viola
John Dowdall, guitar
Loretta O'Sullivan, cello

Kaspar Kummer is back. This 19th-century composer is so obscure, he is missing from even the most detailed music history books. But Red Cedar loves his chamber music & we’re determined to give him a come-back! We find his music charming and have invited our favorite period players to join us.

Sponsors: The concert is sponsored by the Giacoletto Foundation. Artist spoonship: Thea Lesli. (Photo by Peter Nothnagle)

The Program
Kaspar the friendly . . .

The music on tonight’s concert is by
Gaspard Kummer (1795-1870).

Serenade Op. 83 for flute, viola & guitar

Divertissement Op. 92 No. 2
for flute, violin and guitar

Serenade Op. 81
for flute, viola, guitar (and cello)

Quintetto Op. 75 for flute, violin, viola, cello & guitar

Flute: 11-keyed wooden flute by Koch (Vienna, 1830)
Flute: 11-keyed wooden flute by Ziegler (Vienna, c. 1830)
Guitar: Anonymous gut-strung (France, c. 1830)
Viola: Anonymous Tyrolian viola (mid-19th century)
Cello: by Peter Wamsley (England, c. 1735)


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