2011-2012 Concert Series

Jan Boland, John Dowdall, Carey Bostian, Michael Gilbertson
Circle the Wagons

October 6, 2011

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids IA

Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall (guitar)
Carey Bostian (cello)

The many cultures that make up our community come together in a lively chamber music concert. Czech folk songs and Latino dance rhythms inspire classical trios for flute, cello & guitar. Music by Jewish composers add yet another dimension. The centerpiece is the world premiere of a new trio called Circle the Wagons written especially for Red Cedar by the new kid on the block – 24-year old native Iowan Michael Gilbertson, who is turning heads on the East Coast. Carey Bostian's appearance is sponsored by Victor & Janice Naxera. (Photo by Len Struttmann)

Audience Comments

“I am hooked on Red Cedar Chamber Music!” E.K.

“Loved work by a living composer. The “dead guys” were wonderful, too! The cello was fantastic! Gush Gush Gush ! Wonderful music!” D.C.

“My favorite comment was from a man who probably got off his combine to come. He said ‘What a grand party that was!’” M.Z. (rural outreach host)

“I love your concerts. I love the intimate feeling and beautiful music you provide.” M.F.

The Program
Circle the Wagons

Rio from Dream Travels by Gary Schocker (b. 1959)

Musique de Salon by Ricardo Iznaola (b. 1949)

Selections from Trio Concertant over Czech Folk Songs by Jerry Owen (b. 1944)

*Circle the Wagons (2011) by Michael Gilbertson (b. 1987)
trio for flute, guitar & cello Garden Music (1998) by Gary Schocker (b. 1959)

Adagio from Fantasy in the Form of a Serenade, Op. 30 by Wenzeslaus Matiegka (1773-1830)

Summertime by George Gershwin (1898-1937)
(arr. Dowdall & Dockendorff

Home Sweet HomeJan Boland, Lisa Ponton, John Dowdall

February 24 & 25, 2011

At Historic Brucemore
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall (guitar)

Lisa Ponton (viola)

Recalls the homeland with a cozy evening of tuneful music that was meant to be enjoyed at home – what better place to experience it than Historic Brucemore? Forget the outside chill, and join Jan Boland (flute), Lisa Ponton (cello) and John Dowdall (guitar) for a wintertime concert with a lovely intermission reception of champagne and desserts. Stephen Foster’s wistful Beautiful Dreamer mingles with 19th c. American popular music and light classics from the salons of Europe to transport you back to a time of elegant simplicity. (Photo by Len Struttmann.)

Artists Sponsors are: Margaret Haupt and the Iowa Arts Council.

Audience Comments

"We have never been disappointed by Red Cedar Chamber Music.” K.I.

“Kudos to the arrangements of the American songs!”

"The guitar is providing a particularly handsome role tonight.” M.H.

“I really admire you and everything you are doing for chamber music. It is amazing all that you have accomplished through Red Cedar Chamber Music. Your outreach to the community and your beautiful recordings inspire me.” L.S.

“Lovely Music. Opulent ambience, and stimulating information about the music being played and the instruments they were using – thank for giving us a wonderful evening!” T.L.

The Program
Home Sweet Home

Serenade Op. 26 by Wenzeslaus Matiegka (1773-1830)
for flute, viola and guitar
Adagio di molto/Allegro moderato

American Parlor Tunes by Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) arr. Boland
Jennies Own Schottish
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Beautiful Dubuque Waltz by John William Kothe

Selections from The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart
Bird Catcher (1790-1840)
Within These Holy Bounds
A Girl or a Wife?

Simple Gifts traditional Shaker tune
arr. Boland

Strum & JamCarey Bostian, John Dowdall, Miera Kim, Jan Boland

April 28, 2012

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids IA

Jan Boland, flute
John Dowdall, guitar
Miera Kim, violin
Carey Bostian, cello
Maurita Murphy Mead, clarinet

Music for flute, clarinet, guitar and strings. Includes a mix of 19th-century masters (like Haydn), folk-inspired music like Brazilian Choros and a tuneful 20th-century work by a Portland, Oregon composer Bryan Johanson called Stum & Jam. Peppered with lively commentary, this program covers many musical styles and is designed to entertain and educate. (Photo by Len Struttmann)

Sponsors: Artist sponsorship by the Iowa Arts Council.

Audience Comments

“It is so good to have a peaceful moment with great talents.” B.K.

“I loved all of it, and it was super entertaining to watch and to hear!” (student)

“I am a Country & Western music fan. But I know what I enjoy and I enjoyed this. Thank you for warming our hearts with your talents.” K.B.

“My first time, to my knowledge, I’ve ever heard chamber music and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I found with my eyes either closed or looking above I appreciated the music more than when I watched the musicians, although watching you was fun, too.” anon.

“We are so fortunate to have your group in our midst. Each program kicks it up a notch! Keep up the excellent work.” N.Z.

The Program
Strum & Jam

Venetian Boat Song Op. 30 #6 by Felix Mendelssohn
arr. Jan Boland

Trio Op. 16 for flute, clarinet & guitar
by Joseph Kruetzer (1790-1840)
Allegro resoluto
Alla Polacca

London Trio No. 1 for flute, violin & cello by Franz Joseph Haydn
Allegro moderato
Finale: vivace

Two Brazilian Choros for clarinet & guitar
Doce de Côco by Jacob do Bandolim (1918-1969)
Um Chorinho pra Você by Severino de Araújo (b. 1917)

Grand Trio “Divertissement” extrait de Mozart
for violin, cello & guitar
by Mozart W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
19th-c. arr. by P. Porro
Allegro non tanto
Tempo di Minuet non troppo Allegro

Strum & Jam (1993)* by Bryan Johanson (b. 1951)

* Iowa premiere

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