2012-2013 Concert Series

Long Journey Home

October 7, 2012

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall (guitar)
Carey Bostian (cello)

This summer, while making the long drive from New Haven (where he is a grad student at Yale) to his home town Dubuque, our composer-in-residence Michael Gilbertson conceived the trio Long Journey Home. It serves as the centerpiece for this concert of music by all four of Red Cedar’s composers-in-residence. Can you name our composers? Jerry Owen, Andrew Earle Simpson, Harvey Sollberger and Michael Gilbertson. Right!
The music we have chosen for this concert reflects Iowa’s cultural ties to the Czech Republic, in celebration of the post-flood return (after a long journey of its own) of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.

The concert also celebrates the release of Red Cedar’s new CD – on the program is Harvey Sollberger’s Spillville Trio. In addition to being the first track on this CD, Spillville Trio was also the lead work on a National Flute Association concert honoring the works of Sollberger at its international convention at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in August. Red Cedar artists were, of course, the musicians invited to perform this work.

Sponsors: Concert sponsorship comes from The Augustine Foundaiton. Artist sponsorship is provided by Victor & Janice Naxera and Margaret Haupt. (Photo by Len Struttmann)

Audience Comments

“How do I say it – dev-licious. You all are gracious and generous to share your talent and your delight of the music you play. I’m jotting this down on the bill of my cap while you are playing. And I feel wonderful – thanks to you.” K.C “I love listening to your music because you all love what you are doing! Your faces show it! Thanks for enriching our lives with your love of music!” Rural Outreach concert B.B.

“The attendance (full house) was a tribute to the tremendous following you have developed in the community because of your musicianship, expertise and community relations. ” M.M.

“My husband and I enjoyed the Long Journey Home concert very much! You are all very talented! I loved the cello with the flute and guitar.” D. M.

The Program
Long Journey Home

Humoresque – Antonin Dvorak (arr Boland)

Spillville (2006) Trio for flute, viola and guitar – Harvey Sollberger

Long Journey Home for flute, cello and guitar – Michael Gilbertson
(world premiere)

Selections from Trio Concertant over Czech Folk Songs for flute, cello and guitar – Jerry Owen (2002)

Variations on a Theme by Dvorak (2004 and 2008)
Theme set by Jan Boland
Untitled by Michael Gilbertson
Dvorak and His Scarlet Tanager by Harvey Sollberger
Joyful Steady Groove by Andrew Earle Simpson American Sketch by Joshua Reznicow

Seven Score and TenJohn Dowdall, Jan Boland

February 23, 2013.

At Historic Brucemore

Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan Boland (wooden flute)
John Dowdall (gut-strung guitar)
Michael Zahs (historian, narrator)
Karla Goettel (soprano)

The sesquicentennial of the American Civil War is being observed. From fife calls that signaled battlefield maneuvers, to campfire songs sung by homesick soldiers, music played an important part of that tumultuous period in our history 150 years ago. Stories from Civil War letters are woven into the concert narrative. Performed on antique musical instruments from the period (gut strung guitar and wooden flutes). Experience an intimate parlor concert presented at Brucemore – built just 20 years after the end of the war. (photo by Len Struttmann.)

Artists sponsorship comes from the Iowa Arts Council.

Audience Comments

“I am for the second time in a week!” M.P.”

“Red Cedar’s concerts always have been and continue to be a great experience.” M.Z.

“Radio music is good and the symphony’ (and chamber) concerts, too. But you’re the best: with music and meaning, the history of instruments and music, and more.” M.S.

"The compliment of readings with the music was very inspiring and eye opening. It put you in the place at the time.” P.H.

“The performance showed the long hours of preparation and coordination of the three performers. Each one added a wonderful dimension to understanding the tragedy of the
Civil War.” P.S.

The Program
Seven Score and Ten

A concert of instrumental music interspersed with readings from civil war letters by narrator Michael Zahs.

Village Festival Jig by Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair __ Stephen Foster
Jennie’s Own Schottish __ Stephen Foster
Trab Trab Gallop __ Septimus Winner (1827-1902)
Gentle Annie __ Stephen Foster
Aura Lee __ George R. Poulton (1828-1867)

Governor’s Grays Schottisch __Maria J. Jones (1839-1897)

Letters and Music
Maggie by my Side __ Stephen Foster
Little Ella __ Stephen Foster
Come with thy Sweet Voice Again __ Stephen Foster

Ellsworth’s Funeral March __ Septimus Winner

Civil War Ballads
Tramp Tramp, Tramp __ George F. Root (1820-1895)
When this Cruel War is Over __ Henry Tucker (1826-1882)
Parody on Just Before the Battle, Mother __ George F. Root
Sherman’s March to the Sea __ J.O. Rockwell
Auld Lang Syne __ Charles Nicholson (1795-1837)
Simple Gifts __ Traditional Shaker Tune (arr Boland)

au naturel Jan Boland, John Dowdall, Doug Lundeen

April 27, 2013

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids IA

Jan Boland, wooden flute
John Dowdall, gut-strung guitar
Douglas Lundeen, natural horn

We grabbed the brass ring on this concert and came up with a doozy of a prize! Enjoy the mellow sounds of the all-natural, valveless, nineteenth-century horn. Natural horn specialist Douglas Lundeen joins Jan and John for nineteenth-century trios and duos that dance, sing and shimmer with the enchanting blend of brass, woodwind and gut strings. From Spanish seguidillas to soulful serenades, this concert is yours to enjoy!

This concert is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Art. Artist sponsorshipis by a generous anonymous donor.

Audience Comments

“What an exceptional opportunity to experience world-class chamber music in rural Iowa. We are indeed blessed.”
“Warm, informative, professional. “Connection” ––exactly. You invite in so many ways. Thank you.”

“Just loved it; it was great to have “pure” music instead of 'plugged in' stuff."

“Breathtaking as always! Everyone was very professional and perform as one."

“This is our fourth year coming to these concerts and each time we have been pleasantly surprised. Each time the program has been very unique and informative and most of all enjoyable."

The Program
au natural

Duo Concertant No.1 Op.5 in A Major for Horn & Guitar
by A. Corett
1. Lento / Allegro ma non troppo
2. Poco Adagio
3. Rondo Allegro Moderato

Selections from Grand Duo Concertant Op. 85 for Flute & Guitar
by Mauro Giuliani (1795-1837)
1. Andante molto sostenuto
2. Scherzo

Roslin Castle for solo flute
by Charles Nicholson (1795-1837)

Cesa de Atormentarme from Dix Seguidillas for Horn and Guitar
by Fernando Sor (1778-1839)

Serenade for Guitar, flute and Horn Op.4
for Flute, Horn and Guitar
by Charles Dickhut (19th-c)
1. Adagio/ Allegro Moderato
2. Romance
3. Minuetto Allegro
4. Rondo


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