2015-2016 Concert Series
20th Anniversary Season

| Mostly Folk Inspired | Music and Magic Lanterns |

Miera Kim, Carey Bostian, John Dowdall, Jan Boland
Mostly Folk Inspired

October 4, 2015

First Presbyterian Church
Cedar Rapids IA

John Dowdall (guitar)
Jan Boland (flute)
Miera Kim (violin)
Carey Bostian (cello)

Folk music touches us all and reminds us of our roots as a nation. Composers understand this – and when they draw from this rich tradition, wonderful ‘serious’ music happens! Works by Geminiani, Beaser and Kolosko revel in the dynamic rhythms and poignant melodies of Klezmer, Hungarian, Celtic and Appalachian music.

Artist sponsorship is provided Juanita Dennert.

The Program
Mostly Folk-Inspired

Hungarian Trio
by Nathan Kolosko

Venetian Boat Song by Felix Mendelssohn

Mountain Songs by Robert Beaser

Sonata for flute and Continuo by Geminiani

Klezmer (traditional)

Irish Reels

Audience Comments:
Mostly Folk Inspired

"What a treat! Just a superb blending of the music with the films, and performed in excellence. My favorite ever! I love this group of musicians!" B.K

"Red Cedar’s Rural Outreach concerts continue to be a highlight in our library’s event schedule. The concerts are an unbeatable combination of entertainment and education." P.L. Library Director

"We should all thank Michael Zahs for passing and preserving history for future generations.” G.C

"We stopped at HyVee on the way home, and I told the woman who slices up the deli meats that she should be sure to take in your show this Saturday night at CSPS. You have my word that I have never before felt compelled to speak about worthy cultural events to the woman behind the deli counter. Nor the cashiers for that matter. But tonight was different. Thanks again for this delight.” J.H.

"I enjoyed all the films and I liked it when you swapped Scarborough Fair and the Rag. It’s so interesting how the mood of the film changed with the music!" _ anon

"One of the best performances I have ever attended.” J.F.

"Michael Zahs – wow! I wish you had been my history teacher! Keep playing Spillville Variations!” M.M.

"Loved seeing life in real action in c.1900. (Better than Disneyworld!)” B.K.


The Augustine Foundation Presents

Music and Magic LanternsJan Boland, John Dowdall, Carey Bostian, Miera Kim, Michael Zahs

April 30, 2016

At CSPS Hall
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jan Boland (flute)
John Dowdall ( guitar)
Miera Kim (violin)
Carey Bostian (cello)

in collaboration with
Michael Zahs (historian/ narrator)

Zahs Boland DowdallChamber music brings to life a rare collection of nineteenth-century Magic Lantern Slides. These precursors of silent film can give the illusion of movement while entertaining and educating. Our slides, from the collection of Iowa historian Michael Zahs, are set to chamber music and tell stories ¬– some fanciful (The Tiger and the Tub), some dramatic (Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight) and some with heart-on-sleeve sentimentality (There’s Another Picture in my Mamma’s Frame). New music by composers from coast to coast (Stephen Cohn, Philip Wharton and Iowa’s own Michael Kimber) was written especially for this project. Features images not viewed for over 100-years. Partners in the project include the Ainsworth Opera House and Special Collections at the University of Iowa.

Sponsors: The concerts is sponsored by the Augustine Foundation. This project is supported, in part, by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Artists sponsorship comes from Juanita Dennert, and Don & Irene (Naxera) Hamous and Vic & Jan Naxera in memory of Max Naxera. 20th-Anniversary Season sponsor is CRST International.

The Program
Music and Magic Lanterns

Music by (mostly) 21st-century composers bring the

Magic Lantern Slides to life.

Michael Kimber "There's Another Picture in my Mama's Frame" for alto flute, cello and guitar. New commission!

Stephen Cohn "Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight" for flute, violin, cello and guitar. New commission!

Philip Wharton "The Tiger and the Tub" for flute, violin and cello New commission!

Michael Kimber "Could You Love a Little Girl Like Me?" Arranged from the 1906 score for flute, violin cello and guitar.

James Oswald "Airs for the Four Seasons" arr for flute, violin, guitar and cello. Arr. Boland

Peter Bloesch "Wassail" for flute, guitar and cello

Audience Comments:
Music and Magic Lanterns

"I was enamored. I never thought I’d ever enjoy music as much as I did tonight. The work by Stephen Cohn left me speechless.” E.D. (99-yr-old concertgoer)

"I arrive stressed and in a hurry. I leave feeling calm and refreshed. This music, these evenings, are good for my soul.”

"I saw how affecting the presentation was - people laughing, pondering silently, even shedding a few tears at the poignancy of the childhood pieces. A real treasure!  Red Cedar continues to do itself and its audiences proud.” E.M.

"They are a gem of chamber music excellence and passion who have carved out a unique and prominent artistic profile in Iowa." S.C. M.

" I have never seen an audience so moved by a performance of my work which, I believe, was triggered by the brilliance of Red Cedars performance and the drama of the poem as well as the composition." Stephen Cohn, composer.


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