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Music for Flute & Guitar

Indicates that this repertoire is recorded on compact disc by the Boland-Dowdall Duo.


1. The Red Cedar Collection for flute and guitar
Pub: Theodore Presser (catalogue number 144-40414). A collection of six original works by six composers; each was inspired by a work of visual art from the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Museum of Art.

The Red Cedar Collection:
for Flute & Guitar

Theodore Presser, 2002.

Available from

Theodore Presser Co.

Celtic music flute/g


  • David Leisner El Coco (The Bogeyman, 1999)
    Inspired by Francisco Goya's Que viene el Coco
  • Jerry Owen Hidden Tango , 1999
    Inspired by Mauricio Lasansky's Spring
  • Gary Schocker Caution to the Wind (get over it), 1999
    Inspired by Malvina Hoffman's Bacchanale Frieze
  • John Thow River Bend for alto flute & guitar, 1999
    Inspired by Marvin Cone's River Bend
  • Robert Lindsey Nassif Dear Departed, 1999
    Inspired by Marvin Cone's Dear Departed
  • Jonathan Chenette Fast Track, 1999
    Inspired by Sam Gilliam's Fast Track

  • 2. The Celtic Collection for flute & guitar.
    Four Irish tunes. Arranged by Jan Boland & John Dowdall. Includes Fanny Power, Margret's Waltz, South Wind, Untitled Reel, & Swinging on a Gate.

    Celtic Collection:
    Irish & Scottish Music
    for Flute & Guitar

    arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall.
    ALRY Publications, 1997.

    Available from

    ALRY Publications

    Celtic music flute/g

    3. Parlor Music Vol. I The Foster Collection for flute & guitar. EASY
    A Winner of the 1996 Newly Published Music Competition of the National Flute Association.
    Instrumental music from Stephen Collin's Fosters Social Orchestra arranged by Boland & Dowdall for flute and guitar. Includes dance tunes like Jennies Own Schottish and ballads like Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair. Rated easy-medium. All of the music in this edition can be found on a compact disc recording on the Koch International Classics label titled Parlor Music from the Civil War.

    Parlor Music
    for Flute and Guitar: Vol I:
    The Foster Collection.

    arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall.
    ALRY Publications, 1997.

    Available from

    ALRY Publications

    Foster Parlor Music flute/g


    4. Ballads for flute & guitar. Vol. II The Foster Collection.
    Three lovely folk arias by Stephen Collins Foster. Includes Maggie by My Side, Old Memories, and Little Ella. Arranged so that they may take on a Celtic flavor. (Stephen Foster was three-quarters Irish.)

    Ballads for Flute & Guitar
    Vol. II
    The Foster Collection

    arr. Jan Boland & John Dowdall.
    ALRY Publications, 2001

    Available from

    ALRY Publications

    Foster Ballads flute/g

    Other Selected Duos

    John Dowdall Christmas Medley of 19th-Century Carols for flute & guitar. Pub: ALRY FG6

    Francois Joseph Gossec Tambourin. arr. Almeida. Pub: Brazilliance Music Pub (in F major)

    Ø Katherine Hoover Caprice, 1999
    Pub: Papagena Press

    J.N. Hummel Six Waltzes for flute & guitar (early 19th-century)
    from Flute & Guitar Facsimiles (3) from the Romantic Salon. Also includes two opera potpourris; Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots and Auber's Zanetta which are more difficult. Pub: Falls House Press, PO Box 7121, Nashua NH 03060-7121. Catalogue # FG--B2. $15. To order, contact Falls House Press 603/888-6444 or 800/304-0096. on-line http://www.fallshousepress.com

    Libby Larson Blue Third Pieces for flute & guitar (2000) . Pub: Oxford University Press

    G. Meyerbeer les Huguenots (opera highlights for flute & guitar)
    from Flute & Guitar Facsimiles (3) from the Romantic Salon. Also includes an opera potpourri from Auber's Zanetta, and Waltzes by Hummel. Pub: Falls House Press. Distributed by Theodore Presser.

    F. Molino. Nocturne Op. 38 for flute & guitar. Pub: Breitkopf

    Jerry Owen Meshquanowat (Red-Tailed Hawk) (1995)
    Written for the Boland-Dowdall Duo. Pub: Acoma-Nambe Edition, PO Box 1261, Station I, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M403E5. Phone/Fax (416)787-3481

    Jerry Owen Intimate Dances for flute & guitar ( 1982)
    Written for Boland-Dowdall Duo. Pub: Southern Music circa $7.50

    Pierre-Joseph Plouvier Serenade IV from Trois Serenades
    19th-c. facsimile from the Paris biolioteque nationale. Pub: Jan Boland

    Wilhelm Popp Hungarian Dance. Pub: Jan Boland

    Andrew Earle Simpson Fireflies: A Folk Set for Flute and Guitar. (2006). Commissioned and premiered by the Boland-Dowdall Flute & Guitar Duo.

    Franz Schubert Original Dances for Flute or violin & Guitar EASY
    12 waltzes arranged in the 19th c. from Schubert's piano pieces--perhaps by Schubert) Pub: Universal UE 18962

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