Partnerships & Collaborations

Collabrations are at the heart of Red Cedar Chamber Music’s mission:

“to perform chamber music with virtuosity, energy, and artistic excellence, enriching broad and diverse local, domestic, and international audiences through concerts and educational activities; to stimulate creative artistic collaborations to reach this goal.”

Red Cedar Chamber Music has formal partnerships with
• The City of Marion
• The Ainsworth Opera House

• The Marion Independent School District
• The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

We value our collaborations with:

The Ainsworth Opera House (focal point of our Rural Outreach Program)
Cornell College (the ‘Summer Home of Red Cedar Chamber Music’)
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (see the American Gothic project)
The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (see Spillville Project )
The Iowa Arts Council (Red Cedar is a Cultural Leadership Partner with the IAC)
The National Museum of Prague (see the Spillville Project)

Miera Kim, Executive Director

Carey Bostian, Artistic Director

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Phone to (319) 338-0307

Red Cedar Chamber Music
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